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ABB Robot Basics Training 

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In our ABB Robot Basics Training you gain theoretical and practical knowledge about operating and programming robots in only 3 or 5 days. 

Perfect for: Beginners, who haven’t yet worked with robots or only have little knowledge. 

Certificate included.


abb robot training

Theory and Practice

Apply your newly gained knowledge directly on the robot. 

abb robot training

Small Group Size

A maximum of three students will be sharing one robot.  

abb robot training

Become a programmer in only 3 days

At the end of the training you will be able to write your own programs. You will also get a certificate. 

Contents – Theory and Practice


History of robotics

 Learn about the first automats and what the first robots looked like. 

Safety of work

Safety is the most important thing. Before you start working with robots, you will receive an introduction to work safety measures. 

Basics of Industrial Robotics

You can partake in our training even if you have never worked with robots before. You will learn all the most important basics, including movement types, axes, coordinate systems and much more, so that you have an understanding of how robots work. 

Program structure

You learn how robot programs are structured and the best ways to create an easy to understand structure. 

Dysfunctions and error interrupt

Robot failures can be very expensive. This is why you learn what to do when an error appears and how to remove a robot from a crash situation.

Practice 3 days

Moving robots safely

You learn how to safely move the robot and we practice moving the robot in single axes and in the coordinate system.

Measuring the tcp

The correct measurement of the tcp is crucial for working with robots. You will learn how to do it in various exercises. 

creating your own program

After you get a feeling for the robot, you get to write our first program.

(re-)teaching and adding positions

We are also practicing how to re-teach and different ways of optimizing your program. 

If possible: your Individual assignments

If we have enough time we will also go over any tasks you bring from your company or production and practice on the robot.  

Practice 5 days

all contents of the 3 day training

In our 5 day training you will of course learn everything that is covered in the 3 day training. 

Loops and conditions

You will learn how loops and conditions like “if…then” work. 

More time for practicing

 On the two additional days we are focusing on practicing. You have more time for exercises and become more certain when working with the robot. 

lots of time for individual tasks

Because of the additional time, we can go into more details with your personal questions and tasks, so that you can really ge the most out of this training for you and your company. 

Learning Goals:
  • Understanding the teach pendant
  • Moving the robot safely 
  • Moving the robot out of a crash and basic troubleshooting
  • Re-teach positions 
  • Understanding program structures
  • See and fix any disturbances or errors 
Training Contents
  • Working safety
  • Structure and functionality of robots
  • Types of movements and coordinate systems
  • Removing robots from crash situations 
  • Home position move and automatic mode
  • Re-teaching and adding of positions
  • Writing easy movement programs with gripper functions and in-/ outputs 
  • Monitoring of In- and Outputs
  • Backup and restore robot programs
  • Loading and saving modules and programs
  • Update rotation counter, calibration & adjustment
  • Error messages and status description

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abb robot training
abb robot training
abb robot training


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