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Robot Academy –
become a robot expert online!

Get ready for the future with our online robotics training for programmers and users!
With our interactive courses you learn how to program and handle a robot step by step.   

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Our Concept

Different learning tools for amazing results!

Self-paced learning can be a challenge, which is why we try to make it as easy as possible for you. We offer different tools, self-assessment tests and Q&A-Webinars to make sure that you get the most out of our academy! 

Robot Academy


Gain practical and relevant knowledge about robots and how they work. 

Robot Academy

Live Webinars

You can learn additional skills and ask questions in our webinars.

Online Schulung


For quick referencing you also get all course content in PDF-format.

Robot Academy


Practical exercises are set up step by step so that you can easily understand everything. 

Robot Academy

Individual Support

Each week you get the opportunity to ask our experts your questions. 

Robot Academy


After you have completed the course, you get a document as proof of your skills. 

Robot Academy

Study on your own terms

Learn whenever it fits in your schedule.
With our online courses, you decide when you want to learn and at what speed. Before work, during your lunch break or late at night – profit from full flexibility!


Robot Academy

Individual Support

We assist you with any questions or problems.
Once a week, you get the opportunity to ask your questions and get the support you need.
Additionally you can find a list of frequently asked questions in each of the modules. 

Robot Academy

More success through self-tests and practical exercises

For assessing your skills and learning progress, you will find a short self-test at the end of each module. Additionally you will be given tasks to perform directly on the robot. 

Our tests are an opportunity for you to use your newly-gained knowledge. Multiple Choice questions and practical use scenarios help you anchor in your skills. If you have access to a robot, you can train your on-hand skills with different exercises. You can also come visit us in Mainburg, Germany and train with our robots here. 

We are currently still in the process of setting up our online academy, but in the mean time you are more than welcome to check out or Youtube Channel.

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Robot Academy


On our YouTube-Channel you can find our free video trainings about the basics of programming robots. Additionally you can find all kinds of exciting videos about the world of (industrial) robots. 

Robot Academy

Robot Academy

In our Robot Academy you can become a robot user or programmer from the comfort of your own home. In our very detailed video trainings and webinars you can learn everything you need to know about the work with industrial robots.

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